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Balinese Painting

Balinese Painting "Parrots together " Beautiful! (31"W x 23"H)


Lotus Buddha Painting acrylic canvas Balinese Wall art Asian Decor 47"


Balinese Original Painting "Birds of a Feather" Large Size (25" H x 43" W)


Balinese Painting "Getting Together in the Jungle" Awesome! (31"W x 23"H)


Balinese Painting "Two Cockatoos in a Tree" Outstanding! (31"W x 23"H)


Balinese Painting "High in the Trees" Incredible! (53" Wide x 31" High)


Balinese Original Painting "Starling Family" Large Size (25" High x 43" Wide)


Balinese Original Painting "Cockatoos Having Fun" Awesome (17" H x 25" W")


Balinese Painting "Starlings & Sparrows" Fantastic! (29" High x 51.5 Wide)


Balinese Painting "Having Fun Together" Incredible! (54" Wide x 33" High)


Balinese Original Painting "Parrots in the Bamboo" Superb! (31" H x 23" W)


Balinese Original Painting "Birds in Bamboo" Incredible! (27" H x 35" W")


Balinese Original Painting "Starlings Having Fun" Fantastic! (23" H x 18" W")


Balinese Original Painting "Birds of a Feather" Fantastic! (27" H x 34" W")


Balinese Original Painting "Balinese Starlings" Wonderful! (23" H x 43" W")


Balinese Painting "Cockatoos & Sparrows in the Jungle" (53.5" W x 33.5" H)


Balinese Original Painting "Cockatoo Lovers" Monotone (15" High x 23" Wide)


Balinese Painting "Sparrows in the Bamboo" Incredible! (33" High x 53" Wide)


Balinese Original Painting "Sparrows Together" Cheerful (23" H x 15" W")


Balinese Painting "Starlings with their Friends" Incredible! (33" H x 52.5" W)


Vintage Original Balinese folk art painting village dancing people scene


Balinese Original Painting "Couples in the Jungle" Grand Size (28.5" H x 50"W)


Balinese Original Painting "Sparows in the Trees" Incredible! (37" H x 28" W)


Balinese Painting "Birds in the Jungle" Outstanding! (46.75" Wide x 29.5" High)


"Enormous" Original Balinese Painting titled "Tropical Rainforest" (90"W x 48"H)


"Original Balinese Painting" Signed (33" High x 52" Wide) "Birds of a Feather"


Balinese Painting "Cockatoos & Bluebirds in the Jungle" COLOSSAL 43.5" h x 74" w


Balinese Painting "Starlings in a Coconut Palm" Awesome! (34" High x 51 Wide)


Saraswati Goddess Of Art watercolor Painting Balinese Art Carved frame Bali 15"


Balinese Artist I Made Budi Watercolor of Village Scene 12" x 8" Indonesia


Huge Antique Balinese Painting Kamasan Tapestry Bali Art Justice Palace Kertha


Antique Balinese Zodiac Painting Kamasan Calendar Bali


Large Vintage Original Ubud Bali Balinese Indonesian Nude Figures Painting


Balinese Painting Rangda Demon Queen Badung Batuan Bali Indonesia Folk Art


Fine Old Balinese Indonesia Kamasan Village area painted Ramayana Textile 20th c




Large Vintage Original Ubud Bali Balinese Indonesian Figures Painting


Splendid "Mated Pair of Hand Carved & Hand Painted Balinese Puppets" (26" High)


Balinese Lotus Relief Panel Hand Painted Carved wood wall Architectural Art 59"L


Hand Carved Wooden Green Dragon Hanging VTG Balinese Painted Asian Barong Art


Rare Vintage Hand Painted Balinese Dancer Woman Bali Painting Signed Very old


Bali Painting, Balinese Batuan Painting, W.Naka


Vintage Hand Carved Painted Winged Flying Frog Figurine Balinese Folk Art


Antique Bali Painting, Balinese Batuan Painting Genep Gold Gilded Wood Frame


"Exquisite Hand Carved & Painted Balinese Mask"